What are all on four dental implants?

All on four is a term used to describe a method of restoring missing teeth. Typically, this procedure is meant for individuals who have no teeth, either on the top, bottom or both. The restoration process involves the use of implants, on which teeth are placed. Unlike dentures, these teeth do not clip in and out, they are screwed onto the mouth and stay in place.

What are the pros and cons of all on fours?

All on four can be referred to as all on X, with X being the number of implants. The number of implants is determined by the amount of bone available, with the minimum being four. The procedure is efficient and can be completed in a day. However, it can be costly. We do offer payment options to assist our patients financially.

Who is a good candidate for all on four dental implants?

A good candidate for the all on four dental procedure is someone who has no teeth or whose teeth are in such poor condition that they can't be saved. The procedure allows us to extract the poor-condition teeth in the morning and fit the patient with high-quality artificial teeth by the evening.

When would someone not be a good candidate for all on fours?

Someone with healthy teeth but missing a few would not be a good candidate. It's not advisable to extract good teeth to replace them with artificial ones.

What steps are involved in the all on four procedure?

The first step involves taking some diagnostic data, a CBCT scan, some x-rays, and photos. We do a lot of the planning digitally to make the procedure easier and require fewer visits from the patients.

What anesthesia options will be available to me during the all on four procedure?

This is a surgical procedure so we administer local anesthetic with epinephrine. We can also provide IV sedation so that the patient is not necessarily awake during the procedure.

How long does it take to heal from getting all on fours?

On average, it takes about a week for patients to feel more comfortable. Primary closure starts at two weeks and complete healing can take about six months.

How long do all on fours last?

All on fours can last a long time, depending on the implants used.

What is the cost to receive all on four dental implants?

The cost will depend on the implants and how many we use. We discuss this with our patients on a case by case basis.

Will insurance help with the cost of all on fours?

While insurance can help, the benefits they offer are limited. We assist with the billing process if needed, and we also offer payment plans and financing options.

How can I schedule an appointment to discuss getting all on four dental implants?

You can schedule an appointment by calling our office at (805) 554-0018.