What do you like about veneers?

I love veneers for their aesthetic appeal. They are indeed beautiful. More importantly, they have the potential to transform a person's life in significant ways.

How can veneers can change a person's life?

I once had a 20-year-old patient who had severe tooth decay, resulting in black holes on every tooth. He was extremely self-conscious about this. After we placed veneers and removed the decay, his life took a positive turn. His confidence increased, and he began to express his happiness openly. In fact, every time he visits me, he says, 'I love my new smile.' His attitude changed, he started smiling more, secured a job, and is now living a happy life.

Can veneers significantly impact a person's life?

The ability of veneers to enhance a person's smile, and subsequently their life and attitude, is truly fulfilling for me as a dentist. So yes, I am a big proponent of veneers for these reasons.