Dr. Julie Ann Valde Dr. Julie Ann Valde

Dr. Julie Ann Valde



What I have learned these last 26 years is that dentistry is not just treating dental and oral conditions, but also being able to get to know people. I love getting to know my patients on a personal level; I like talking about their work and their families because I always learn something new, from tattoo artists to Amgen scientists, from new cuisines to travel inspirations. I have learned that each person is different; getting to know them is the rewarding part.”

Inspired by her mother, Dr. Julie Ann Valde chose to pursue dentistry because she saw how much her mother’s patients loved and respected her. After graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in history, Dr. Valde attended Northwestern University Dental School to earn her Doctorate of Dental Surgery. At Northwestern, she was the editor-in-chief of the American Student Dental Association and was honored with the Pierre Fauchard Dental Writing Award. She completed a year of general practice residency at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in West Los Angeles, California.

It is an exciting time for dental professionals, because dentistry is changing, with new research and new treatment modalities. Digital technology has been embraced in the dental field in terms of digital X-rays, impressions, 3D printed crowns and appliances, and implant dentistry. Dr. Valde thrives on attending seminars and workshops and is committed to learning new and better ways to practice dentistry in order to serve her patients better.



Dr. Valde met her husband Alex in dental school. Dr. Alex Lopez is a certified periodontist who works in the office two days a week. Their two sons, Zach and Josh, both graduated from Newbury Park High School and now live in San Diego.

When she’s not at work, Dr. Valde enjoys reading, knitting, hiking, and playing with her dogs. Although Dr. Valde has stopped competing, she has finished several marathons and triathlons, but her biggest racing accomplishments include finishing the full Ironman Triathlons in Arizona in 2014 and in Whistler, British Columbia, on her 50th birthday in 2016. Now, instead of racing, she is learning salsa and bachata dancing with her husband!

Dr. Valde also serves on the boards of the Pilipino Alumni Association of UCLA and the UCLA Parents Council Emeriti. Through these organizations, she is involved in raising scholarship funds, alumni outreach, and student support. Just recently, she organized the New Bruin Send-off in which new students were presented with advice, info, and awesome UCLA swag!